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Water Basics: VIP Solution's Top (EPA Certified) Water Purification System

WaterBasics is THE top-of-the line emergency water system from Aquamira and is the ONLY product available on the market that is "EPA Certified" for emergency drinking water filtration and storage. All other products are simply marketing claims... This expandable system is perfect for families and smaller groups of people who want to purify and store safe, clean emergency water. Unlike many other bulky plastic water storage and purification systems, WaterBasics is easy to transport, use, and store. It even fits under your bed and can be filled in minutes from any water source (Toilet, water heater, pond, pool, etc.). Many homes simply don’t have extra storage space to fill with the emergency basics, especially living in a city apartment or condo, so WaterBasics was made to be adaptable and expandable to any situation. Anytime. Anywhere!

With a patented Electro-Positive Absorption Technology, the water is crystal clear after its purified. To ensure disinfection, tiny micro-glass fibers expel bacteria and unwanted organisms from the water during the chemical-free filtration process. Each filtration system has been tested at several independent labs and verified to rid your water of harmful chemicals, chlorine, or other harmful substances.

During an emergency, each person in the family needs at 1-2 gallons of water per day for drinking, cooking and hygiene purposes. For a family of four preparing for a month, three 60 gallon WaterBasics systems will have you fully covered. Whether laying low at your home for a few days with no power, or getting out of town during a weather emergency, WaterBasics’ provides the highest quality, most adaptable, portable and usable emergency water system on the market today. (Check out the videos below)

VIP Solutions carries several different WaterBasic systems and we tailor your purchase to your exact preparedness needs. So call us today to schedule a free consultation at (866) 610-8467

WaterBasics VIP Features:
• Easily transportable, fast set up.
• Collapsible, space-saving storage
• Filters up to 1.3 gallons of water per minute
• The only EPA certified product on the market
• Ideal for small homes, condos, or vacation cottages
• BPA and chemical free storage solution
• Reliably disinfects and cleans emergency water

  1. 60 Gallon Portable Water Storage w/ Filter

    60 Gallon Portable Water Storage w/ Filter


    During an emergency, your products need to be as flexible and adaptable as you. WaterBasics were designed to be adaptable to any emergency situation.

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  2. 30 Gallon Water Storage Kit w/ Filter

    30 Gallon Water Storage Kit w/ Filter


    Perfect for rolling with the punches during an emergency situation, this 30-gallon purification system will keep you and your family hydrated during any unforeseen disaster.  

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  3. Pump and filter kit

    Pump and filter kit


    For retrieving and filtering stored water, there is no better solution than the WaterBasics Pump and filter kit.

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  4. Bag-to-Bag Filtration Kit

    Bag-to-Bag Filtration Kit


    The WaterBasics Bag-to-Bag Filtration Kit provides everything needed to create quality drinking water for you, wherever you are. 

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  5. Emergency Straw (Two Pack)

    Emergency Straw (Two Pack)


    The emergency straw is the perfect solutions for portable, compact water filtration, as well as an excellent addition to your personalized bug out bag or first aid kit. 

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