Premium Rain Barrels

Nearly 40 inches of yearly rainfall in Michigan make our state a great place for rain barrel water storage. VIP Solutions combed the market for the best available barrel and rain chain combinations available. We made a strong connection with Tijeras Rain Barrels because, like VIP Solutions, they sell only the highest quality material available at great prices. With several colors, sizes and shapes to choose from, our rain barrels fit any home décor seamlessly. They also help take a little bit off the water bill in the summer and are a great resource for emergency water supply.

Depending on your specific needs, rain barrels are available from 55 to 300 gallons and come in several different variations. Rain barrels are excellent for emergency water storage, or simple to water the garden at no charge from the water utility company! Like all of VIP Solutions products, rain barrels can be used for everyday use and can save the day during an emergency. 

  1. Durango 65 Gallon Rain Barrel

    Durango 65 Gallon Rain Barrel


    If you are looking to be sustainable and conserve rain water for home usage, look no further! The stylistic design of the Durango Rain Barrel not only makes sense for water conservation but looks great outside your home.


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  2. Cubo 55 Gallon

    Cubo 55 Gallon


    The economically priced Cubo, designed for easy use and durability, is one of the most popular items offered by Tijeras. 

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  3. Villa 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

    Villa 55 Gallon Rain Barrel


    The Villa ranges in size from 50 gallons to 360, and can accommodate any home or business. VIP Solutions choose to partner with Tijeras Rain Barrels because of their outstanding reputation in the industry and their pleasing aesthetic value. Available in over 30 colors, the Villa was designed to fit seamlessly with your current home decor. 

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  4. Nino 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

    Nino 55 Gallon Rain Barrel


    The Nino Series was created when Tijeras customers wanted something besides a cylindrical rain barrel. The Nino rectangular rain barrel with optional planter was designed for homes that need sharp edges and crisp lines to match existing decor. 

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  5. Aqua Fria Rain Barell

    Aqua Fria Rain Barell


    The Aqua Fria is the flagship design from Tijeras Rain Barrels. With a custom design and high-quality parts, the Aqua Fria is truly second to none. Perfect for any home, a child and animal resistant design keeps your investment safe while helping to keep your family sustainable as well. 

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