DIVVY Emergency Water System

DIVVY - VIP Solution's Premier Water Purification Solution

If you have ANY on-property fresh water source, such as a swimming pool, pond, river, stream, lake, or otherwise, the DIVVY Emergency Water Purification System is the absolute best emergency water solution for you. Used by fire departments, universities, churches, and health departments, the DIVVY is a best in its class, off-grid, portable, high volume, water purification system. While it was certainly designed to provide emergency drinking water for a large number of people, especially in underdeveloped countries, many people with sizable estates and homes or business on waterfronts have seen the wisdom in having one in the event of any municipal water shut off. Weighing only 177 pounds, this reusable bulk water purification system works without power or fuel requirements. With a custom designed hand pump created to easily move large amounts of water from the freshwater source to the holding tank, one can store up to 250 gallons per tank, multiples of which can be attached to create even larger reservoirs. The DIVVY filter unit can produce 4-5 gallons of water per minute and each filter is rated to last for up to 250,000 gallons. Enough to easily provide all the drinking, cooking, and hygiene needs of an entire community, estate or business with ease. 

This unit itself is ultra-portable, easy to use, and can be transported anywhere. In fact, one of the reasons VIP Solutions promotes the DIVVY above all other systems is because it is a high capacity water producer that can fit in three suitcases and be easily transported in the trunk of any car! 

Please watch the video below to learn more about the amazing DIVVY!

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    The Divvy Emergency Water Purification System is the ideal system for universities, churches, and health departments whom are responsible for high volumes of people during an emergency. The Divvy is the highest quality, best designed large scale Emergency Water Purification System available anywhere. 

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