Solar Installation (Grid Tie & Off Grid)

It is all about the future for Solar: “Grid-Tie” versus “Off-Grid”

VIP Solutions recommends a variety of large and small scale solar applications. However, due to constant improvements of photovoltaic technology, inverters and energy storage systems, we know this industry is constantly evolving and advancing. AND we want the VIP Solutions community to know this too.

For example: Today's standard is "Grid-Tie" systems which imply a relationship between the consumer and electric company and generally require power from the grid to run properly. The agreement centers around the utility company, along with state and federal incentives, to assist with the cost and "allow" consumers to either use the energy produced or bank for future use. If you are looking to cut out bills to the electric company or you believe the cost of electricity will rise in the future (as we do), a Grid-Tie partnership makes perfect sense.

However, anyone considering a “Grid-Tie” system today should plan for “Off-Grid” adaptability in the future. So make sure you understand the details of your contract with the electric company and its future implications!

For example: We are all awaiting a new standard to emerge with more cost effective flip-to "Off Grid" options added to "Grid-Tie" systems in two or three years. Thereafter solar battery storage technology will likely reach a place where the next standard will be going completely off-grid --especially in sunny climates. Thanks to the Tesla Powerwall and other companies trying to replicate their newest model, one single battery might one-day store enough power to run even the largest estates without skipping a beat. To ignore this fact with any contemporary solar installation would be an expensive and unfortunate oversight and VIP Solutions would want no part in the design or ultimate purchase of such a system. This is precisely why we have partnered only with companies that promote this concept exclusively to our member referrals.  

So what does VIP Solutions recommend?

Currently we are on the fence about going 100% off-grid until products like the Tesla Powerwall are a little more advanced. As we mentioned we fully endorse Grid-Tie systems (especially with incentives) as long as they are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the future of flip to Off-Grid expansions. AND we can assure you our affiliate partners in solar will recommend the same. 

If you have any questions about our recommended layout for current solar installations, call for a free consultation at (866) 610-8467. We are here to assist you.

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