Utilities Backup

Having a fully customizable power back-up system is yet another way to prepare your home or business for anything.

Utilities are important to our everyday life; we use them throughout the day to maintain our busy schedules and routines. Millions of homes and businesses are affected by power outages each year, making these utilities completely unusable. With the aging power grids in the United States, power outages are more common than they have ever been.

With VIP Solutions, you can create a backup plan for how to tackle a power outage, while keeping the utilities that you count on every day. Wouldn’t you love to have hot water, electricity, and drinking water during a power outage?

With VIP Solutions you can outfit your home or business with the backups necessary to tackle an outage head-on. For complete outages, we have the best line of indoor generators.

These are in-home power backup systems that don’t require gas; they are battery powered and safe for your home or business. 

Being ready for any situation is important, that is why we have solar-powered hot water heaters. These hybrid systems cut down on the energy you use every day by utilizing the power that naturally comes from the sun to heat your water.

These systems are second to none in emergency situations and day to day life.

  1. SPS 120 Standby Generator

    SPS 120 Standby Generator

    If your family needs the right solutions to unexpected power loss, Gillette Generators are the absolute best way to ensure your family is warm and fed during a chaotic time.

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  2. SPP 180 Standby Generator

    SPP 180 Standby Generator

    The SPP 180 was designed to accommodate larger homes that want to keep several high-draw appliances running simultaneously. The Gillette SPP 180 is the highest quality residential generator available anywhere, and as part of VIP Solutions pledge, our prices will not be beaten.

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  3. SP 250 Standby Generator

    SP 250 Standby Generator

    Perfect for using with propane or natural gas, the SP 250 was designed for commercial use in business and medical offices. For a larger Estate, the 250 would be able to provide energy needs during an outage.

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  4. Sp-410 Standby Generator

    Sp-410 Standby Generator

    If your emergency goals including providing the best solution for power backup, dual fuel propane natural gas generators from American made Gillette Generators is the absolute best answer.

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  5. Survival Systems

    Survival Systems

    This product is also available in a 2000 watt output. The less powerful generator is perfect for medical equipment, home appliances, and will not damage your home with prolonged use. 

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  6. Custom solar trailers

    Custom solar trailers

    This system is ideal for its portability, power generation, and ease of placement relative to the sun. Use in remote locations for renewable energy power or as an emergency backup when needed. Call for custom design options and pricing! 

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  7. Smaller systems for emergency essentials

    Smaller systems for emergency essentials

    These systems are smaller and can be sized ideally for essentials such as sump pumps, furnace blower motors, hot water heaters, critical refrigeration, etc. Options are as open-ended as your needs. A typical system might have 4-8 batteries and can be coupled with AC and or solar chargers. Ideally, combines with portable solar panel uni-racks – to provide a daily recharge. Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit, and may qualify for other local/ state rebate incentives, or qualify for insurance premium reductions, etc.

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  8. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    These systems are all-in-one (transformer, charger, inverter, & transfer) units designed to protect valuable and surge sensitive equipment or to prevent data loss or business interruption in the event of power outages.

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  9. PSP-Model "S"

    PSP-Model "S"

    • 2 (85+) Watt panels that open /close like a book.
    • Easy to move and store in a small space.
    • Designed to be used in conjunction with an IndoorGenerator providing a continuing charge and power to your appliances.
    • Comes with cord, cord rack and connectors.
    • No permits required.
    • State/Federal incentives available

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  10. PSP-S-L


    • Single large solar panel (200 Watts +)
    • Has arms that fold down to make movement and storage easy.
    • Designed to be used in conjunction with an IndoorGenerator providing a continuing charge and power to your appliances.
    • Comes with cord, cord rack and connectors.
    • No permits required.
    • State/Federal incentives available

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  11. Sump Pump Unit

    Sump Pump Unit

    • Maximum Continuous Output 1500 watts will surge to higher output for limited time.
    • Modified Sine Wave.
    • AC Charger.
    • Automatic / Instant transfer of power.
    • External Display.
    • For sump pumps: aluminum (black/) white

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  12. New Whole Home Battery Systems

    Whole Home Battery Systems

    These systems can be programmed to power critical circuits during outages, activate automatically (even when not at home), recharge via multiple sources (including solar, wind, gas generators, etc). A Whole Home system is placed to keep you and your loved ones prepared and safe during a prolonged power failure. 

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