Heirloom Seed Vaults

Having supplies of diet essentials like lettuce, tomatoes, cherries, onions, the best herbs, and an array of fruits will ensure a balanced harvest. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits all provide essential nutrients and minerals for your body, which are crucial, during stressful times. We understand that if a tornado destroys your home, having a garden won’t be of much help, but if the electricity goes off for a couple weeks, you and your family will still be relaxing with a full belly. A luscious garden is also a great teaching tool for children and young adults. Helping a person understand the correlation between what they eat and how their body operates is an invaluable lesson. Actively taking part in cultivation food is not only a great way to be prepared but often a great way to eat healthy, non-GMO foods, too!


    Basic Survival Garden


    Storing survival food for you and your family is a great way to plan for an emergency. However, when the emergency supply of food is gone, and the grocery store isn't filling back up with produce, you will need to cultivate your own. Resealable Mylar bags keep your seeds fresh even after opening. If you goal is to ensure safety for you family over a prolonged emergency period, a basic survival garden is a necessity. 

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  2. Deluxe Garden Survival

    Deluxe Garden Survival Seed Vault


    Legacy Premium has put together a superb emergency collection of popular garden vegetable seeds. Legacy’sprepper seed collection will add vital nutritional elements to your emergency food supply via large, fresh vegetables from your own backyard gardenThis large seed vault will satisfy any emergency prepper’s high standards for germination rates and weather hardiness. Storage/growing guide included with deluxe garden seed vault.

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    Herb Garden Survival Seed Vault


    One of the best ways to make sure you and your family has food at the time of a disaster is by cultivating your own! A garden is not only a great way to feed yourself but it's also a good learning tool for children. Knowing what you put in your body and where it comes from is important when you are eating something. These dry sealed herb garden seeds will stay fresh for many years, and provide wonderful nutrients for you and your family. With ten different herbs to choose from, you will really spice up your life with this herb garden seed vault!

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    Medicinal Garden Survival Seed Vault


    Thousands of years ago before modern medicine, people looked to herbs to heal ailments and disease. If an emergency were to occur in your neighborhood, having medicinal herbs to remedy ailments for you and your children is essential for those who want to be fully prepared. If an unforeseen disaster takes place, the healing herb garden will give you 10 different herbs perfect for healing and treating sickness. Legacy's seeds are scientifically dried and readied for long term storage and high germination rates. 

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  5. Fruit Garden Survival Seed assortment

    Fruit Garden Survival Seed assortment


    If something out of your control goes awry and your family has to go with the punches, having some good fruit to eat while adjusting to a new lifestyle is a must. The fruit garden from Legacy comes with 10 different types of seeds. Scientifically dried to help with germination and hardiness, these Legacy seeds are truly second to none. Like much of Legacy's products, the quality and thought put into the creation of these fruit seed banks in remarkable. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are just some of the positive aspects of fruit production. 

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  6. Ultimate Seeds Kit

    Ultimate Seeds Kit


    Include the Ultimate Seed Collection when putting together your emergency survival supply. With over 180,000 seeds in this ultimate collection, you will be able to grow nourishing fruits, vegetables, and herbs to help sustain your vitamins, minerals, and overall health in a survival situation. In a long-term survival situation where food is scarce, freshly grown garden items will be even harder to obtain. Get ahead of the game with this ultimate garden seed supply. This survival seed collection contains 55+ different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that will be invaluable in you or your family’s time of need.

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  7. Humble Seed Vegetable, Herb, & Pepper Seed Bank Bundle

    Humble Seed Vegetable, Herb, & Pepper Seed Bank Bundle

    Growing a dream garden with the Trio Seed Bank becomes easy thanks to the thoughtful blend of vegetables, herbs, and peppers. Including a chili, peppers, vegetables, and herbs, 30 strains of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds come sealed in Mylar bags to maintain high germination rates even when stored for years. Learn More
  8. The Producer Ultimate Non-Gmo Seed Bank

    The Producer Ultimate Non-Gmo Seed Bank


    The Ultimate Producer Non-GMO Seed Bank supplies 26,000 non-GMO, non-hybrid, savable seeds. Perfect for bug-out-bags, food storage, or spring planting, the Ultimate Producer contains 26 different seed types, ranging from organic green beans to acorn squash, the Ultimate Producer provides all the classics.

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  9. Serious Garden Bundle

    Serious Garden Bundle


    The Serious Garden Pack includes The Producer Bulk See Bank, Uncle Herb’s Favorites herb seed bank, 3 packages of compost tea and a garden planner. This amazing package has it all; fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds, all from non-GMO, non-Hybrid seeds.

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