Food Security

When disaster strikes, one of the most important aspects of survival is ensuring that you and your loved ones have access to proper nourishment.Our goal is to help you prepare your family for emergencies by providing the best options for food and water storage.

The VIP Solutions choice is Legacy Premium products, because of their low daily cost, great variety, gourmet tastes, and incredible value.

Having fresh water during an emergency is a crucial and fundamental part of being VIP Prepared while storing food packets and cooking equipment ensures that you have access to nutritious, great-tasting meals, whether you’re on-the-go or in an emergency situation. From our 5-gallon water storage boxes to multi-fuel emergency cook stoves and great-tasting, long-lasting emergency food packets, we offer only the best in food and water storage products, helping you feel confident and ready to face whatever the future holds.

Interested in learning more about preparing your home for an emergency? Call VIP Solutions today at (866) 610-8467 to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. 

  1. New
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    60 Serving Breakfast Bucket

    60 Serving Breakfast Bucket

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $150.00

    A nice warm breakfast can be a life saver in an emergency situation, literally. Before investing in larger amounts of emergency food, 60 servings of Legacy's nutrient filled breakfast pack will allow you to try every breakfast offered with your family before make a larger investment. 

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  2. Aquabundance


    Our AquaBundance Food Growing Systems are our largest home aquaponic systems, and are designed to grow a wide variety of high-yield fruits, vegetables and edible fish. These aquaponic systems are ideal for your greenhouse, backyard, and basement.

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  3. AquaUrban



    Our AquaUrban systems are designed to grow a maximal amount of plants & fish while retaining a compact footprint. These systems are perfect for your modern living and educational/professional environments.

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  4. Aquaminiums



    Based on the concept of old Chinese “Mulberry Fish Pond”, Aquaminiums are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to brighten their home with both plants and an aquarium. It is ideal for anyone who is too busy for intensive plant maintenance and fish care. With a half moon shape, if you get 2 tanks you can place them together for a complete moon. Wick-based, self-watering plant pots absorb the water and nutrients from the aquarium below.

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  5. Consultation 60m

    Consultation 60m


    Onsite, video or voice consultations are the absolute best way to get all the information you need for your next big project or design. Schedule your consultation with one of our experts today.

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  6. 210 Servings 7 Day Gluten Free Long Term Storage Food

    210 Servings 7 Day Gluten Free Long Term Storage Food


    7 days of great tasting meals for 4 - 5 adults. Average calorie count is 350 calories per serving

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  7. 1 Year Gluten Free Emergency Kit

    1 Year Gluten Free Emergency Kit


     1500 One Cup Servings . Great gluten free survival food. Our new kit has a great assortment of breakfast, soups, meals, and extra value items. All packages make 8-10 cups when water is added.

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  8. New Delux 72 Hour Gluten Free Emergency Kit

    Delux 72 Hour Gluten Free Emergency Kit


    72 Hour Gluten Free Emergency Kits. Great Gluten Free Survival Food.

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  9. 900 Servings 30 Day Gluten Free Entrees

    900 Servings 30 Day Gluten Free Entrees


    900 Servings Gluten Free Entrees. 30 Days of Gluten Free Lomg term storage foods.

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  10. Worm Composter

    Worm Composter


    This unique worm composter is perfect for people looking to maximize the potential of their garden or farm while reducing waste. These worm composters can devour pounds and pounds of waste per week, from food scraps to cardboard, and produces 10x more potent nutrient blends than standard composters. 

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    Premium 240 Serving Package

    Premium 240 Serving Package

    Regular Price: $650.00

    Special Price $490.00

    For one person this Premium 240 Serving Package will give you three nutritious meals for 80 days! Learn More
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    Legacy 16 Serving Entree Sample Pack

    Legacy 16 Serving Entree Sample Pack

    Regular Price: $46.00

    Special Price $39.99

    Our customers often want a sample package to see if they enjoy the taste of Legacy Premium Foods before investing in a large volume of emergency food. Finally, here is our sample entree pack with 16 entrees for your and your family to try. Learn More