HybridLight Solar Flashlights

Solar Hybrid Lighting 

When VIP Solutions set out searching for the highest-quality, most adaptable flashlights and lanterns on the planet, we found Hybrid Lighting. These products are truly amazing for those looking to be prepared for anything, but also anyone who enjoys camping or the outdoors. Each of Hybrid Lighting’s flashlights and lanterns can be charged by the sun, stay charged for 7 years with a built in lithium battery, and are extremely durable. You can take the Mammoth Multi Light and throw it on the cement and it still works well. We’ve tried it. They are also quite aesthetically pleasing, and are offered at a reasonable price.

  1. Journey 160 Flashlight/Charger

    Journey 160 Flashlight/Charger

    The most versatile multi-functional flashlight available from Hybrid Light is the Journey 160. The fully waterproof design combined with solar panels for charging on the go make the Journey 160 your go to flashlight for any use. Learn More
  2. RealTree 160 Flashlight/Charger

    RealTree 160 Flashlight/Charger


    The Journey 160 is the most adaptable flashlight available thanks to its waterproof design and incredible solar technology. With a solar panel built right in, say goodbye to wasting money on batteries. With the RealTree 160, the flashlight does the work for you.

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  3. Journey 250 Flashlight/Charger

    Journey 250 Flashlight/Charger


    This rugged, multi-functional solar flashlight contains a super-bright LED bulb that shines at 250 lumens. You will get 18 hours of flashlight power on one full charge! An easy access USB port can also charge your cell phone when you’re not near electricity.

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  4. RealTree 250 Flashlight/Charger

    RealTree 250 Flashlight/Charger


    The Journey 250 from RealTree has a built in solar panel for anywhere charging, as well as a 4800 mAh lithium-ion battery that keeps the Journey 250 charged for 7 Years. With a 250 Lumen LED bright-light, this flashlight packs a punch.

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  5. Atlas Camping Lantern/Charger

    Atlas Camping Lantern/Charger


    Adjustable from 25 to 400 Lumens, the water-resistant Atlas Camping Lantern with built in Solar Charger is one of the brightest stars in the Hybrid Light line-up. The atlas Lantern hold a charge for 7 years, and needs only the Sun to be fully charged.

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  6. RealTree Atlas Camping Lantern

    RealTree Atlas Camping Lantern


    Illuminating the darkest of situations, this Atlas Camping Lantern/Charger’s built in solar panels won’t leave you out of luck with no electricity. All you needs is the Sun! This Lantern even comes with USB attachments to charge electronic devices.

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  7. Puc Expandable Lantern Charger

    Puc Expandable Lantern Charger

    The Puc Expandable Lantern Charger able to be charged by the Sun, acts as both a lantern, and if needed, a flashlight. Solar charging combined with an innovative design makes the Puc Lantern a great choice for being prepared, or simply enjoying a camping trip. Learn More
  8. Mammoth Multi Light/Charger

    Mammoth Multi Light/Charger


    The Mammoth Multi Light was specifically engineered for those who want the best, most adaptable, durable flash light available. This water resistant 400 lumen LED flashlight contains a 4800 mAh lithium-ion battery that holds charge for 7 years!

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  9. RealTree Mammoth Multi Light/Charger

    RealTree Mammoth Multi Light/Charger


    The RealTree Mammoth is an adaptable, durable, multifunctional solar flashlight designed for outdoors and garages alike. The 4800 mAh lithium-ion battery stays charged for 7 years, and the super-bright LED light has a 120 degree rotational head perfect for illuminating any important projects.

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  10. Headlamp


    Designed for comfort and durability, this headlamp will operate at 75 lumens for 30 hours on one full charge. The water resistant Headlamp rotates 120 degrees vertically, perfect for work under the hood or gather wood. With a micro USB charger and solar panels built in, this headlamp from Hybrid Light is second to none. Learn More
  11. Entrada 80

    Entrada 80


    The Entrada 80 is the perfect on the go flashlight. With a built in solar panel, 14 hours of light on a full charge, and a waterproof design, this flashlight will stand the test of time.

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