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The Divvy Emergency Water Purification System is the ideal system for universities, churches, and health departments whom are responsible for high volumes of people during an emergency. The Divvy is the highest quality, best designed large scale Emergency Water Purification System available anywhere. 


 Although this system is recommended for larger organizations and communities, some VIP Members want to ensure they have all of their loved ones covered in case of an emergency. This Divvy can provide up to 6000 gallons of water per day with three lightweight, 250 gallons, Divvy Tanks, attached to just one filtration Pod and Pump. The easy assembly combined with the lightweight, high-quality construction and design made the Divvy an easy choice for emergency water preparation. Fitting right in with the VIP Solutions mold, the Divvy is truly the best option anywhere for medium to large scale emergency water purification options. 


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